Scientific Highlights from 2019

Scientific Highlights from 2019

Below you’ll find a few of the session topics and speakers that we had in Bilbao – get a taste of the high quality science that is presented at this highly anticipated Congress.

Pro-Con Debate

Diagnostic blocks in chronic pain

  • PRO: H.C. Rebelo (Portugal)
  • CON: L. Sang-Hoon (South Korea)

Second Opinion Based Discussion

The shift towards plane blocks: just an adjustment to modern – minimal surgeries 

  • Anatomy behind: B. Moriggl (Austria)
  • Technical rationale description:  U. Eichenberger (Switzerland)
  • 2nd opinion: GA. McLeod (UK)
  • Clinical relevance & consensus statement: P. Peng (Canada)

Networking Session

Pelvic Pain. Are you sure everything is clear? Answering your questions

Role of Ilioinguinal, Iliohypogastric and Genitofemoral nerves in pelvic and perineal pain syndromes – P. Peng (Canada)

  • Gluteal pain and Piriformis syndrome – A. Krol (UK)
  • Pudendal neuralgia- J. De Andres (Spain)
  • The hip as source of conflict. Defining its role in pelvic referred pain – I.Iriarte Posee (Spain)

Live Demonstrations

All blocks you need to know for successful practice (not only for an examination…) in one go (lower limbs: femoral nerve, femoral triangle, adductor canal, proximal sciatic, popliteal, ankle block)

Demonstrators: E. Albrecht (Switzerland) and  K. Vermeylen (Belgium)

Second Opinion Based Discussion

Fascial blocks: it is necessary to define their usefulness, how they work and their limitations

  • Anatomy: M. Szarko (UK)
  • Block description: K. Jinn Chin (Canada)
  • 2nd opinion: K. Vermeylen (Belgium)
  • Clinical relevance & consensus statement: A. Pawa (UK)

Ask the Expert

Foot surgery: more and more distal

  • A. Delbos (France)

Refreshing Your Knowledge

Cancer pain treatment – improving quality of life through RA options: a review 

  • G. Votta-Velis (USA)

Problem Based Learning Discussion

My Patient with BMI 50 request Regional anaesthesia

  • W. Urmey (USA)