Session Types

Session Types

At the ESRA Congress, we aim to provide you with various learning opportunities, presented in different session types, this to help improve your practice.

Below are a few session types that are on offer at ESRA 2020.

Second Opinion Based Discussion

Science is fast moving, especially in literature such as case reports and new proposals which are frequently presented for covering specific indications. The aim of this new session is to guide delegates in such areas as: problem-solving, support revisiting, conflictual therapeutic situations, re-addressing tailored decisions, Assisting in the decision-making process, preventing morbidity related interventions, consensus on new blocks to define their usefulness, how they work and their limitations. Included in registration fee.

Networking Session

Multiple lectures related to an overall topic. The Speakers will interact with the audience and truly generate a “network of knowledge” between the “panel-experts” and the audience. Included in the registration fee.

Pro-Con Debate

Interesting topics currently under discussion will be debated by the speakers with the inclusion of the audience via voting. Included in registration fee.

Tips and Tricks Sessions

Focused tips and tricks can be helpful to participants, with the bonus of sharing ideas and experiences with expert professionals, for setting up Regional anaesthesia block or pain management in many areas of their daily practice.  Included in registration fee.

Problem Based Learning Discussions

The primary focus is to challenge participants by giving them a real world problem to solve, thereby introducing concepts as the solution is teased out of the fabric of the initial problem. Source material for a PBLD is often an interesting case, though not simply a rare syndrome and/or unexpected complication that was managed with a good outcome and no avenues for discussion or controversy. The advantages of incorporating PBL in anesthesia teaching include development of skills like clinical reasoning, critical thinking, and self-directed learning; in addition it also helps in developing a broader perspective of case scenarios.  Included in the registration fee.

Ask the Expert

This session will be a very interactive with audience engagement, where participants can ask questions to the expert during the session. Included in the registration fee.

Refreshing your knowledge

A 20 minute interactive session on which participant is conveyed from the knowledge that was of the subject matter of the session, to the updating of knowledge that we now have of it. All this in a dynamic sense of “… if you used to do it this way, now you must do it. Included in the registration fee.

Live Demonstrations

Live Demonstrations refers to workshops with models and ultrasound machine presentation, however, to an audience rather than hands-on. Included in the registration fee.

Luncheon Sessions

Luncheon sessions are informal lunch meetings with experts. A group of 10 people sit and enjoy lunch and a fruitful discussion. Pre-registration required 

Hands-on Cadaver Workshops

Cadaver Workshops are strictly limited in number and early registration is highly recommended. These workshops will take place at a local medical institute with all the practical requirements for working with cadavers. Pre-registration required 

Hands-on Clinical Workshops

Hands-On Clinical Workshops (Adults and Paediatric) implement the use of human models and ultrasonography as mediums of demonstration. Pre-registration required