Videos: Tips for Abstract Submission

Videos: Tips for Abstract Submission

Make sure to submit your abstract by the deadline 6 April, and get the chance to present at the top platform for regional anaesthesia and pain therapy professionals!

Pia Jæger

“So, if you’re doing a randomised controlled study, you need to look at those recommendations from concert. And likewise, if you’re doing a systematic review, you need to look at the pressme guidelines.”

Thomas Volk

“Make absolutely clear whether your presentation is hypothesis-driven or whether you just describe an experience.”

Jose Aguirre

“First of all, you need a very interesting topic. This is the main. Then there has to be a title which attracts people to say, I have to read that.”

Louise Moran

“I would make sure that your message is simple and easy to get across. I would also go with the area that interests you, and you will be amazed how broad the abstracts are that get submitted to ESRA.”